Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Old Man!

Each week (as my loyal readers know...wait, do I have any loyal readers???), I deliver food to very destitute families in KwaNgcolosi. Most of the stops involve adorable, naked children running wild. There is one house that has captured my heart this year. I call him my "old man." His name is Tholani and he is an older, fragile man who lives in a tiny mud shack by himself. I have befriended him this year even though I speak little Zulu and he speaks little English.

Our food deliveries include very meager rations...a small bag of rice, a small bag of beans, some spices and some random donations. As the year has progressed I recognized that for this old man, cooking his own meals is probably quite challenging. I was lucky enough to have a friend donate some money here to use for various projects...he seemed like a great recipient. I, with the help of our translator, asked him if he'd like some prepared meals. Of course, he responded YEBO! I have now, for 3 weeks been able to deliver him hot meals, fresh fruit, juice, etc and thrilled him beyond belief. I have never seen something cuter than when Tholani profusely thanks us in Zulu and English. This simple, pre-made food has made his life so much more comfortable. I look forward to many more smiling pictures with my buddy!!!

Tholani and his neighbor outside his home.

My "Old Man!"

He asked for a close-up!

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