Saturday, May 2, 2009

Matha comes to visit...

Each weekend, Katie and I deliver food in the valley of KwaNgcolosi. Our first stop each week is to pick up Matha, a 13 year old little girl who helps us. She and her family do not have any more than most of the people in this area, yet she is committed to helping others in need. Most of the time, I'm sure she'd rather play with friends, etc but she hops in the car and delivers the food.

She just had her birthday on 4/30 and we promised her a sleepover. Well, Friday was the night. After delivering food, she came home with us. I have never seen a child more excited. We got home and she was in awe of the house and the food, etc. All she wanted was for me to take pictures of her in front of everything. She and I then went down to the shopping center and bought her birthday present. I asked her what she would like and she said a jacket and shoes. We went to Mr. Price and got just that. She was very hesitant to let me buy it for her but I told her it was my pleasure. We then went to rent a movie...of course she picked out SpongeBob Squarepants.

We went home to pick up Katie and headed out for dinner. Our dinner was a blast. We went to a restaurant called Spur. It's the closest thing here to an American chain restaurant. They have trampolines for kids which she loved. We talked, laughed and ate our dinner. I told the waitress that it was her birthday, so the entire wait staff came out with an ice cream singing to her. It was AWESOME! When we returned home, we watched the movie, ate snacks and she colored a ton.

On Saturday morning she played on the computer. She is enthralled with Spider Solitaire. Even though it was chilly, she wanted to go in the pool. Matha does not know how to swim and had never been in a pool. She went in very cautiously and held onto the edge the whole time. She was kicking up a storm and wanted to stay all day. I told her when it's warmer (like Africa's supposed to be???!!!!) I'd take her in and teach her to swim.

It was such a fun night. On the way home she didn't speak at all. Finally, Katie asked her what was wrong and she said "I don't want to go home." We told her that her Mom would miss her and that she can stay with us another time. It was a special weekend for a very special little girl.

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