Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Viv!

This is a picture of a group of us out celebrating Viv's Birthday. Viv is here until June as a volunteer at the Respite Unit and at Don McKenzie TB Hospital in the pharmacy. She is a professional pharmacist from the UK and it's awesome having her here.

From left to right:

Ben-another volunteer from the UK that is here until June. He works at the Respite and Don McKenzie and is so much fun!

Ben C. - MaryAnn and Stephen Carpenter's son. If you recall from previous blogs, MaryAnn is my boss and the incredible leader of the respite unit while Stephen is the main (and really most amazing) doctor at Don McKenzie TB Hospital. Ben is a wonderful young man.

Ruthie - is the daughter of Stephen and MaryAnn. She is in high school and is a blast to be around.

Viv, the Birthday Girl!


Cameron - a new volunteer from the UK. He is planning to go to medical school after his volunteer work here.

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