Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Monalisa!

Yes, you heard that right…Monalisa. Our new little baby at the Respite Unit is Monalisa. She and her Mom, both Zimbabwean refugees arrived last week. Elizabeth, the Mom is absolutely miserable. She is very sick, very weak, does not speak Zulu and is in a strange land, alone. Baby Mona is also quite sick, though just tested HIV NEGATIVE…HOORAY!!!

Elizabeth told one of the care givers last week that she is giving up and doesn’t want to deal with this disease any longer. She will not even look at Mona and really wants no part in mothering at the moment. I know, and keep reminding Elizabeth that had to have been a good Mother because Monalisa has a wonderful disposition and is a thriving, clever 20 month old little girl.

Please pray that both Elizabeth and Monalisa adjust to their new surroundings and find healing.

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