Friday, June 5, 2009


There are two new boys in Cottage 3 at St. Theresa’s! Now, the grand total is 11 little rugrats! Mazwui is the first new boy. He has lived at the home, but was too old for his cottage and switched. The second new arrival is Bongani, an adorable child with a story that shocked me. I was chatting with him on the side while the other boys were running around like crazy. During our chat, this 9 year old little boy told me that he was just taken to the police station because his Mommy died and his sister didn’t know what to do. His chatter was fast and often did not make sense. This boy is so young and yet has already seen and experienced so many horrible things.

He is very loveable and was excited to meet me. We sat together and read for a while. He is also a great artist and made a beautiful card for me. Meeting him was a very real reminder of the devastation caused here in South Africa by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I am so glad that he is safe and being looked after. Please join me in praying for his safe, healthy, happy future. I am looking forward to spending more time with him as he settles in to St. Theresa’s Family.

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