Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Anelisa!

This is Baby Anelisa. She and her Mother, Thobeka, came to the Respite Unit and were both very sick. It is unknown whether or not her mother ever took the pre-natal ARV's, but what was known is that Anelisa is HIV+. She was very thin and not developed (otherwise known as Failure to Thrive syndrome). Her mother suffered for a few days and then passed away at the unit. The baby's GoGo (pictured below) is the only remaining family member. We spoke with the Granny who admitted that she could not take care of Baby Anelisa because of her age and the baby's condition.

The next step, was to contact a Children's Home (an orphange) for the baby to go to after she was feeling a bit better and on ARV's. Unfortunately, Anelisa's condition began to deteriorate and we decided to admit her to a local hospital. We all miss having her around the Respite Unit. I do not know how Anelisa is doing but I am trying to find out. When I do, I'll pass on the news...

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