Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My friend Fatima...

The past few days have been quite rough for me here. I talked in an earlier blog about Fatima (see picture above) and how amazing her story was. She was a beautiful 23 year old girl who had suffered tremendously throughout her life. When she entered the respite, we quickly became friends and talked about everything under the sun. Last Friday, she began going downhill. I spent the afternoon with her on Friday and she was in and out of conciousness. My roommates and I took a special trip to the respite on Saturday so I could be with her some more. She was still responsive (at times) and I feel lucky that I was with her.

I arrived at work on Monday, not knowing if she'd still be around. She was, but she was not responsive at all. I was so thankful that I spent the weekend with her. She passed away on Tuesday morning at 4am. It's still so hard to make any sense of this in my mind. I won't even try to at this time. I thank God that she was a part of my life and I of hers.

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