Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cottage #3!

I love St. Therese's Home for Boys so much. I was very hesitant to begin there because after long Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Respite Unit, a 2nd gig was not high on my list. However, I have fallen in love with this group of boys and I look forward to our afternoons there. The boys are so loveable and go crazy when we arrive. My cottage (in my opinion) is the BEST. We attempt to work on homework when I arrive...that's always a challenge. Most of the boys are so far behind that they really need to be tutored beginning with the ABC's. It's always a struggle to get them focused and for them NOT to copy other students' work. UNO has been a great incentive, as has my camera. They love getting their pictures taken. See below:

1. The main office building with sign
2. The crazies of cottage 3 :) These are all the boys...9 of them.
3. I told you UNO works wonders
4. The scariest picture ever...because of me not because of Vusi's glass eye!
5. Group shot of the sillies with Fr. Jack too!
6. Two of the boys and Auntie Jenny
7. My favorite (shhh...don't tell) Pebeto.

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