Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UNO hits South AFrica!

The patients at the Respite Unit and the boys at St. Therese’s Home have recently fallen in love with UNO. You know, the card game of color/number/skip/reverse, etc. I bought the cards while I was out last week and it’s been quite a hit here. We’re still working out the kinks…for example, not putting a red skip on a blue five…but we’re getting there and having fun just the same! At the Respite, I played for a couple of hours straight with 3 of the male patients who just loved it!

At St. Therese’s, before we played I was explaining the basic idea of the game. The kids have a pretty good grasp on English and I thought I was making sense. I told them that when you have one card left that you yell “UNO.” I also explained that UNO means one is Spanish. They were hanging on my every word and one kid blurted out “How do you say one in English?” Never underestimate the power of simple games to bring true joy to others.

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