Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Sanele!!!

Baby Sanele!

Last Friday (2/20) I was left “in charge” at the Respite Unit. What does that really mean? Really nothing, but it sounds good doesn’t it?! Anyway, the supervisors and some of the care-workers were off site for a Compassion Fatigue Workshop. It was a very quiet day around the unit and I took full advantage. I had a play date or should I say “day” with Baby Sanele, my 18 month old buddy. He has grown up a lot since we first met.

As you probably read in previous blogs, he was terrified of everything, including me when I first met him. Now, he plays ball, babbles, laughs, snuggles and reads with me everyday. He is still timid when “strangers” (mostly white males) come around, but he’s growing up a little more everyday. On Friday, he practiced walking with me AGAIN, jumped on the couch, scared the fish in the tank, read lots of books and took some long naps cuddled up on me too! I even got him to say “ball” a few times very clearly. He had my full attention for really the whole day. I took a picture of him so you can all see how precious this little guy is. His Mom (Deborah), also HIV+, has been quite under the weather, so I’ve stepped in so she can get some rest.

Today (2/23) I overheard MaryAnn (my boss) tell Deborah that they could probably go home before the end of this week. I am already pretty sad to have to say my goodbyes. Of course, on the other hand, it’s a good thing because they are healthier and can be comfortable once again at home.

-The first picture is of Sanele enjoying a nice day out on the lawn
-The second picture is Sanele and his Mom Deborah...

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