Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first dip in the Indian Ocean!

Sunday was beautiful here. We decided to go explore the Durban beachfront. It is about 30-40 minutes from our house. We got to the beach and had the most relaxing day. It was between 85-90 degrees here today (I never know for sure because everything is in Celcius...). The city of Durban is nothing to write home (or write in your blog) about. It's very chaotic, run-down, even dirty! However, the beaches were gorgeous. Here are some pictures of our day...

#1: The new Moses Mabedo (sp?) stadium that Durban is building for World Cup 2010!

#2: This will never get do they do it????

#3: Durban Beachfront!

#4: The beach is that way...

#5: The waves were huge. So pretty!

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Jim in LA said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the great photos and your inspirational comments. We think we have it rough sometimes. I can't wait to read your book describing what you've experienced, learned, and can pass on to inspire us when we are thinking life is rough!