Friday, January 30, 2009

Crazy St. Leo's!

I definitely needed a break after my hectic week at the AIDS Center. Where better to spend my Friday than at St. Leo's School in Molweni! The girls (Katie and Alex) were teaching Oral English to the 7th grade today and I decided to join them. It was their first meeting with 7th grade and the students got a chance to ask Katie and I some questions. Here are some examples of questions we got:

-What is your favorite...color, movie, actor, food, fruit, sport, etc?
-Do you know Chris Brown?
-Are you friends with Beyonce?
-Do you like Kanye West?
-Do you have any babies?

It was pretty funny. They were just dying to know anything and everything about us. Just a fun fact from 7th of the boys is named WONDERBOY. Yes, I'm dead serious. Two little girls asked me if in America there were a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes? You can imagine my response I'm sure. Once we were done with the 4 or so periods of 7th grade, it was PLAYTIME! The school is a totally chaotic place. School was supposedly still in session, however, kids were running wild. If you can't beat them...join them. One little boy was "petting" my hair for at least a half hour until I realized it and told him to stop. Most of the afternoon I was a jungle gym plain and simple. I broke out the camera and they went bananas! I have some very funny videos of the kids but I cannot upload them until I'm back in the States because our computer can't take it. The still pictures will have to do for now!

#1: Two little guys that stared at me endlessly.

#2: Group shot!

#3: Two of the girls with me during "break."


Ryan DePoy said...

Those kids are cute the 2 boys up top look like trouble keep an eye on them. I heard Mom and Dad were going to name me Wonderboy but settled on Ryan instead

Becky Boggess said...

Ryan, if you are Wonderboy, then Jenn surely is Wonderwoman! Jenn, I am just beginning to read your blogs; the pictures and entries break my heart and make it sing at the same time. Keep up the good work. We miss you.
Becky Boggess (Rawls)