Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crocodiles & Bride Wars.

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a nice restful weekend. I've gotten so many nice comments on my blog...thank you. I'm happy to be able to share a little of what goes on here with you all. This weekend has been quite relaxing for us. Yesterday, Baba Benji (Fr. Benji) took the three of us a few miles up the road to a reptile safari park called PheZulu. It is home to more crocodiles and killer snakes than I've ever seen in my whole life. It was a great diversion for us. At the end of the croc/turtle/snake tour, they have a traditional Zulu performance. They give a bit of insight and history into the Zulu culture. The dancers were awesome and quite keen on Katie, Alex and I. It was kind of amusing to say the least. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the animals and the dancers. In keeping with OUR culture, last night we went to see Bride Wars (Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway) in Durban. Just a side note...the movie cost $2.00 and that was a SATURDAY NIGHT! Another week of Africa lies ahead of me...I'll be sure to keep you posted. All my love, Jenn :)

The pictures below are of:

1- Me, Alex & Katie on the cliff of PheZulu

2- A dark picture outside the entrance to the gift shop!

3- Some huggggeeeeeeeee crocs!

4- The Zulu dancers

5- Two dancers with quite a backdrop.

6- The PheZulu safari truck

7- A hungry croc???

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Chris said...

Glad to see you got a distraction today! I love all of the pictures...just awesome. Stay safe & keep posting!! Chris Yates