Saturday, September 12, 2009



Women are amazing. Zulu women here in South Africa have taught me so many lessons it's hard to even explain. They are strong women who are raising children and grandchildren in the face of extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and without men in most cases. They are the mothers, grannies, care-takers, bread-winners, and home-makers. They are working to support their families, going without so that their families and friends can survive, and providing stability in a country which doesn't have much.

I am constantly in awe of the Zulu women I have gotten to know here. I feel blessed to know them. All year I've seen women carry babies, huge water jugs, food bags, etc on their backs and heads. I stop and stare. I know it's rude, but honestly, it's incredible. On Friday, I took the picture I had been hoping for all year. These two unbelievable women were carrying huge piles of firewood on their heads. The logs are over six feet long and HEAVY!!! They have to walk with the logs very long distances and as you can see uphill & barefoot. Wow. Please pray for their burdens to get lighter and lighter as time goes on.

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