Sunday, July 12, 2009

The afternoon at Lucky's!

One of the days that Tricia and Megan were here visiting we went to visit Lucky and baby Andile at their home. It just happened to be a busy day at the home. Their property is made up of about 10 small houses that are home to Aunts, cousins, friends, nieces and nephews. Everyone was outside when we arrived doing wash, getting hair cuts, cooking, cleaning and playing. I know many of the family members from just simply being around so much. They were all interested in the "white" visitors and wanted to hang out. The kids and teenagers there just loved having new people around. We spent the afternoon talking and dancing! The kids showed Tricia and Megan some traditional Zulu dances and sang to them. Beware: one of the pictures is of me trying the kicks...yikes!

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